The Justice Connect Program

Delivering Astria for Tasmania

State-wide Benefits Roadshow

The program team have been on the road around Tasmania in the past two months visiting future Astria user groups. Dozens of Benefits Roadshow presentations are in progress to groups as small as a single team, and as large as an entire functional area in the Department of Justice.

Presentations provide a program progress update, introduction to key members of the program team, and the chance for future users to ask questions about Astria. Genuine and ongoing engagement with Astria users is a central feature of the program's development approach.

The program has also run change readiness surveys across Astria impacted areas in the justice system. These surveys gauge awareness and perceptions of Astria and help inform the program's change management activities. Survey results showed strong support for building a new digital solution, a desire for more information about Astria's functions and that users welcome the opportunity to be involved in Astria's development every step of the way.

"Wow, I can't wait", was one enthusiastic response to a Roadshow Presentation.

Updated: 4th November 2020