The Justice Connect Program

Delivering Astria for Tasmania

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What is Astria?

Astria is the name of the digital system the Justice Connect program team is implementing for the Tasmanian Department of Justice. Astria was named after an ancient Greek goddess of justice.


Astria will transform the operation of the justice system for all Tasmanians. Slow, outdated, and inaccurate systems and processes will be things of the past. Astria will be efficient, reliable and accurate and support a fair, just and safe Tasmania.

What are the problems Astria will solve?

Poor participant outcomes, siloed systems and information, an over-reliance on manual handling and paper-based processes using outdated, insecure technology.

What will the future with Astria deliver?

Better outcomes for Tasmanians and timely access to justice services, removal of operating and data silos, the production of trusted, accurate data, and improved access and usability of information for all participants in the justice system.

Development partnership

The Justice Connect program has partnered with a consortium led by Fujitsu with Journal Technologies, SYSCON Justice Systems and Synateq, to develop Astria.

Program timing

The program of work will be delivered in stages.

  • Discovery phase: COMPLETE
  • Proof of Concept: COMPLETE
  • Stage 1 Criminal implementation: IN PROGRESS
  • Stage 2 Civil implementation
  • Stage 3 Tribunals
Updated: 4th October 2022