The Justice Connect Program

Delivering Astria for Tasmania

Astria's MVP

Astria’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development has made excellent progress and is due for completion on time ready for the Department to review in March 2021.

The Justice Connect program has recently hosted visiting team members from its consortium partners Fujitsu and Journal Technologies for a series of intense development workshops in the Hobart office.

The MVP, or prototype, is a critical first stage to validate Astria’s proposed architecture, core functions and confirm the consortium’s capacity to deliver an optimal solution for Tasmania’s justice system.

Decision-makers in all Astria impacted areas of the Department will be shown the Astria prototype before the program formally advances to the main development or implementation stage. When Implementation commences the prototype demonstration will be made available to staff and future Astria users to view.

This is an exciting time for the Justice Connect team who are delighted that their vision to deliver an integrated and contemporary digital information solution is getting closer to being a reality.

Updated: 4th February 2021